Interesting quote about what is music

 ‘Movies are like music, and you have certain human rules to follow in terms of feelings that are difficult to transgress. To be modern just to be modern is nonsense. For me there are strong parameters in music — the height, the timbre, and the rhythm. If you vary these paramaters in any way with just intellectual rules, after a while you lose your andience in terms of emotions. You lose the communication.’

I hate the intellectual attitudes that a lot of contemporary musicians have about sophisticated music systems. You have to enjoy music. Even though the intellect is important, the sensitivity is the main thing. We are still saying the same things in music that people have been saying for millenia.What strikes me most about music, like any form of art, is the continuity of human feeling. I thing that a Chinese man 3,000 or 5,000 years ago was trying to express the same things we are trying to express. The notion of solitude or love, hate or joy or sadness — there is a range of feelings that human people have, and they express them at different times with different tools, in different contexts, but the feelings stay more or less the same. You can’t talk of progress in terms of feelings, juts in terms of technology and the context of society in which you are expressing yourself.

— JM Jarre quoting Stanley Kubrick, in Keyboard US, March 1986