What happened the last 6 months (2015 part 1)?

So what did I do the last six months in the musical world, here is the full listing:

  • February 7th: lighting and sound technical support for private live show for Foyer Rural de St Léonard
    Various bands on stage…
  • February 21st: finishing mixing of 5 songs for FéeLarsen new EP
  • February 28th: finishing mastering of 5 songs for FéeLarsen new EP
    + CD creation and DDP files
  • March 18th: get my hands on physical FéeLarsen‘s new EP 🙂
  • March 27th: listening to a live rehearsal of Marilyve Band
  • March 28th: talking about directions and wishes with Iosiris
  • April 1st: wow, two bands in a row!! (not a joke obviously)
    * listening to a live rehearsal of Issman Cosy Acoustique
    * talking about technical stuff with Denis of Marilyve Band
  • April 9th: bought a new (my first) mic Rode NT1A for studio recording
    Ok, it’s a second hand mic but it should do its job
  • April 10th: talk with Joël of Issman Cosy Acoustique
    about technical stuff, schedule, musical background and wishes
  • April 11th: sound technical support for Noukou’s live show
    with La Nomade Statique and Laxamax
  • April 18th: first recording with my new mic…
    It’s not as awesome as I first thought, specially because of my not treated room.
    This mic is very sensitive!! 🙂
  • April 22nd: additional talk with Iosiris about the EP
    (audio, packaging and other stuff)
  • April 24th: talked with FéeLarsen before a live show at Moissannes
    to get feedbacks from the band and the audience about their EP
  • April 25th: 3rd Scène Ouverte at St Léonard de Noblat
    technical and sound support during the show, plus live mixing of many bands during the night.
    Very positive feedbacks 🙂
    Phil Kort’s point of view 🙂 :
  • May 2nd: technical, lighting and sound supports for a live show at Compreignac
    I play bass guitar for Offset as well 🙂
  • May 5th: first *real* recording with my new mic
    Additional acoustic guitar on one Iosiris’ song.
  • May 16th: finishing mixing of 4 songs for Iosiris
    Hmm… some revisions needed :-/
  • May 22nd: technical assistance/consulting for live show of Iosiris at CCM J. Lennon at Limoges
    First part of Luce live show.

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