Writing lyrics: do’s and don’ts

Here is an article listing a large bunch of tips for writing lyrics and how avoiding common flaws.

It’s a bit long and could be shorten a bit but there are some examples, great ideas, and specially a way of doing it right.
If you’re in that mood, keep it close to you to enhance your lyrics, your final song will thanks you later!


One thought on “Writing lyrics: do’s and don’ts

  1. Hey nice article many thanks for sharing this. I discovered this to be a really helpful and wish to be taught extra about it. I’ve been searching for ages trying to find assistance on this however a lot of the different websites didn’t go in to as a lot element as you. You defined it all very clearly and helped me to know. Have you ever been writing articles on this for very long, you appear to be very knowledgable on the topic.


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